Shaden Live in Milano


Zelig Cabaret
Date disponibili
12 giugno 2023


An arabic stand-up comedy show by Shaden live in Milano


Due to popular demand, Shaden will be returning to the stage for round two! Don't miss out on another unforgettable evening of laughter as Shaden performs her one-hour special ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE in a city near you.
Don't miss the chance to see her live in Europe alongside opening act Mario Moubarak.

Shaden has performed this special in Beirut with awk.word comedy in over 100 sold-out shows in 2022. She had already performed her first critically-acclaimed special SHIAA SEEDS to over 10,000 audience members since 2018.
Shaden is a Lebanese comedian, actress, and rebel. As the Middle East’s first openly queer comedian, Shaden addresses what are still considered as controversial issues for social change such as female sexuality, homosexuality, racism, religion, and mental health in her shows.

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